Big City Basement Continues To Put Their Versatile Approach To Hip-Hop On Full Display

Music today has become a mix of creative arts, innovative thinking, fast delivery, and smooth sound. A combination of all these aspects can surely win over fans, with talent backing it up as well. When you mention the word “Talent” you have to say the name Big City Basement. the Toronto, Canada native’s Big city Basement delivered a new single in July titled “Good Times”

The trio continues to lay down their mark with the latest single(“Good Times”) Soon after hitting the music scene last year with their genre-breaking single “Astroplanes” they’ve followed up with their long-awaited track “Good Times”

The true gift of Big City Basement is truly in their ability to structure their songs and the versatile approach that the trio takes when creating their music. Big City Basement has & is willing to take more of an idiosyncratic approach to creating music. You’ll quickly get a combination of intellect &experimental sounds to complement their introspective and wide range of relatable candid lyrics. The talented trio consists of Phenom, Anomaly, and Malodikin a way that speaks directly to fans. When listening to this new album, you will quickly relate to his experiences in life while turning up to the upbeat production and catchy melodies throughout the entire song.

With all three being drawn to music from an early age they all decided to join forces to become Big City Basement. In which they strive to create music that connects with fans on a deeper level and has a lasting impact similar to many of the hip-hop veterans that the world has grown to love over the years.

Big City Basement’s style of music creation is an exploration of new genres and styles not seen commonly amongst artists today. As your navigating your way through the new single you’ll quickly notice that Big City Basement is a true generational group artist.

The lyrics on the single are connected by production and message which will make you want to listen to the next one that follows. If you wish to listen to this new track, we will leave you with a link so you can experience this audio adventure for yourself.

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