Black Future World, Secret African Technology, & Building With Women with 19 Keys & Chaka Bars

19 Keys presents High Level Conversations to bring you into the high frequency of talk to elevate your mindset and value. S1E13 Ft. Chaka Bars Featured Guest Bio: Chaka was born in Barbados and grew up in England. After joining the military and serving active duty in Iraq for four years, Chaka returned home to find that a close friend of his was murdered. Chaka decided to make a shift, realizing his life was more valuable than what he was doing with it, and moved to London starting Spartanfam, which promotes an “anytime, anyplace, anything” philosophy to working out; no expensive diets or equipment — just bodyweight. He outgrew that path fairly quickly when he realized that he had greater potential and purpose for helping others. Chaka went on to create IHeartAfrica, an organization founded to help preserve orphanages and medical centers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in 2017. With his mission to help people and build a better future, Chaka raises funds with the help of donors, including celebrities such as Lenny Kravitz, Michael B. Jordan and Colin Kaepernick, to continue to build a sustainable future for orphaned children in Africa. He is on the front lines of issues that affect Black people first-hand and is educating us by touching on issues from health care, socio-economic class, human rights and the importance of a vegan diet. Chaka wants “our” people to thrive as a culture. When you speak to Chaka, you’re immediately drawn in. He has something about him where you’re hanging on to his every word and wanting to learn more about his organizations. This Episode: This episode goes high level on the relationship between black americans and the rest of the diaspora, the future of Africa, relationship between men and women, and much more. Featured Guest Contact: Website… Instagram… 19 KEYS: Top thought leader of the culture and leader in the health , financial Liberation , blockchain , crypto , NFT , High level mindset etc. An Oakland,ca truth speaker.. LinkTree Crownz 19 Link GoldeWater Link Book link… Course link… *************Special EYL Viewer Promotion********* Text “HLC“ to 3235776692 Tap in on all platforms: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Send in a voice message:
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