Casket D. & Statik Selektah – Pit Boss

Produced by: Statik Selektah

Mixed & Mastered by: Mixed By 20

Shot & Edited by: GQ TVee

After releasing HEALER at the tail end of of 2021 and soaking up all it’s success in 2022, Casket D teams up with the legendary Statik Selektah in collaboration to hand us CALCULATED. The 4 track EP sonically blends seemlessly and doesn’t take a bar off lryically over the span of just under 13 minutes. Intense in your face lyricism, vivid story telling to rival your favorite  big screen thriller and tons of bravado are laced over Statiks harrowing and soulful production where the delivery fits each pocket perfectly. From the first insert of the producers infamous name tag and seconds later Caskets voice eagerly stating “let’s get right to it” a fuse was lit that ignites an explosion which lasts the duration of the EP. Until the final words of the project “hallelujah as I dash to the finish line” commense and only then, does the dust begin to settle.

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