Darkside Preme – Darkside Opioids Feat. The Opioid Era

From Darkside Preme new project “Legacy”. Stream/Buy : https://songwhip.com/darksidepremehttps://store.tidal.com/us/album/2390… Darkside Preme – Legacy Tracklist 01. Live From The Darkside 02. My Summer 03. Pressure 04. Darkside Opioids feat. The Opioid Era 05. Memoir Of A Ghetto Bastard (Interlude) 06. Where Were You At 07. Jealous Type 08. Can We Live 09. D Boy Code feat. 38 Spesh 10. The Shark Tank 11. She Loves Me 12. Legacy #DarksidePreme #38Spesh
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