Demorne Warren – Undeniable (Produced and Directed by H.A.P.H.)

Demorne Warren is Undeniable when it comes to the art of emceeing… “Undeniable” is the new single to his album that is titled with the same name… This sinister track is produced by H.A.P.H. a veteran emcee that you might remember from Hip Hop duo Da Ranjahz (Roc-A-Fella)… At the beginning of this song is the legendary hip hop producer DJ Premier, shouting out Demorne Warren and Do For Self Entertainment’s CEO Pauly-On. Preemo acknowledges that Paul put him on to Demorne Warren in the late 90’s at the legendary D&D Studios. While many industry insiders have known about Demorne for years, the general public is still unaware of this exceptional MC. After 2 solo albums and a group album with High Frequency Demorne Warren continues to get better as an artist.… Demorne’s bars intertwines with the track so majestically that you will find yourself zoning through the song and you might end up with a neck injury from snappin ya neck while listening… The fact is that Demorne Warren is a top tier MC that should be in your top 5 conversation. With his latest album Undeniable, Demorne proves his skills with each song. This album is full of thought provoking content, witty lines, multi syllable rhyme patterns, and double entendres. Demorne demonstrates why his talent is undeniable during the first two verses. On the last verse Demorne raps about how the US government helped bring drugs into the country, particularly the black community then created a war on drugs to criminalize the same communities that was most effected. This song sets the mood that the listeners will experience throughout this album. Playing this album you will be entertained and educated.

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