Fuego Base Bars On I-95 Freestyle

This episode is brought to you by DTLR Your Fashion, Your Lifestyle. The new grand opening in Manchester Connecticut! 352 B MIDDLE TURNPIKE W, MANCHESTER, CT 06040 Bars On I-95, Connecticut’s number 1 Rap platform for your favorite Hip Hop artists. Skills Over Politics, that means bring your pen game not your name. This week we in Hartford CT with it, and we got none other, the biggest since Camby BSF representative Fuego Base. A hometown vet, he’s been doing this, currently working on new music Fuego Base accepted our to pull up for his Bars On I-95, Tap in ! @fuegobase #freestyle170 Please leave your comments and please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE SKILLS OVER POLITICS BRING YOUR PEN GAME NOT YOUR NAME Follow us and subscribe Instagram : @BARSONI95 FB: www.facebook.com/barsoni95 Email: [email protected] Twitter: @Barsoni95 www.Barsoni95.com

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