Harlem’s Own Money Stacks Delivers Visuals For “The Real Blow”

Harlem vet Money Stacks announces the release of the official video for his latest single “The Real Blow.”

Onaje Jordan provides a gritty boom-bap backdrop that heightens the lyrical mayhem spewed by Money Stacks. We see him in his element, rhyming through the streets of NY with hands full of cash. He stresses his mantra of money over everything, which is why he delivers bars like hes’ dealing. Upon pressing play on the video (directed by GEE) it’s evident Money Stacks supplies that one-of-a-kind real blow.

The hook “You got the real blow in my rhymes, they getting the blow in my rhymes” piggybacks the theme of the record. Watch “The Real Blow” and connect below.

Instagram @moneystacks149er

Twitter @moneystacks 

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