Harrd Luck Recruits Ricky Bats & Fredro Starr In “Every Day” (Video)

Harrd Luck recruits Gotham City’s Ricky Bats along with Hip Hop icon Fredro Starr for his new single/video titled “Every Day.” The track, produced by Fredro Starr, is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Beats by Dro’ (produced entirely by Fredro).

Harrd Luck and Ricky Bats jump right in, bar for bar, minutes of lyrical aggression. They depict their everyday moves in cities with no safety and trenches filled with deadly tension. A past with no pops or wallets, their everyday moves keep them on top of the food chain.

The lyrical bout is intensified by Starr’s kaleidoscope of soulful, yet gritty NY melodies underlined with piano keys, adding a cinematic/anthem vibe. Hip Hop heads are sure to head-nod in unison while chanting the catchy hook. Watch “Every Day” and be on the lookout for the upcoming album ‘Beats by Dro.’

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