If you live in Denver and don’t know who Vic Carter is, you must be living under a rock!

Vic Carter is an Eastside Denver native and one of the most creative people that I have had the pleasure of meeting in the Mile High city! Vic is a multi-talented man! His voice and music talent seems to be aged more that his 33 years. His voice is one that resonates with you, leaving you excited to hear his next project! His new album “Dark Love Vibes” allows you dive into the mind of Vic Carter. He is an artist that can jump on any project and made it sizzle! That adaptability is not common. Hey can slay a rap track or entertain and intimate crowd at a hot jazz club!
When I asked Vic about where his music talent came from, he said he didn’t really know. It was something that progressed naturally. He started performing on his high school auditorium stage and liked the “look” of it. When it comes to creating there is no particular style that he can find as his go to. “Sometimes I will building an entire song around one line. Sometimes I choose the beat first or even write acapella. It really varies by song!”
As far as getting Vic into rap he puts that on his cousin Leary YNA. “I wanted to be like him”! The first artist outside family that became influential for Vic were Bone Thugs and the one and only E-40. Music became a steppingstone. “If it wasn’t for music, I would probably be a working man struggling. If I didn’t have that first step, I’d be nobody”! Vic knew music was a way for him when it started opening doors that had previously been closed to him! It’s all about ambition and ambition is not something lacking in Vic Carter! One of the most near and dear projects to Vic’s heart is a clothing line name after his grandmother Ruby Jean Clothing! He wanted to honor her memory and the bond they shared!

When I asked Vic if he stayed out of trouble, he said I learn from my mistakes. I don’t hang with questionable people or weird women! Vic is a different artist as far as a question of style Vic said “There is no one in the world like me. I don’t look like them, sound like them. I don’t move like them! 1 of 1.” As far as moving forward Vic is not only a singer/rapper, but also a photographer/videographer. Creating a show called Brand Bosses that lets you get to know local business owners and what they bring to the table!

Vics go to music on a late-night traveling the city would be Al Geen. “I ride around the city like an old man vibing out”! It seems like in everything he does, every project he touches has a certain air to it. His artistic creativity on all projects shows! You know it was produced by the one and only Vic Carter!

Instagram @ruby_jean_boss A lot more coming from VICUALS MULTIMEDIA! https://app.vicuals.com/

Article By: Angie Kirsch

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