It’s Poetic Justice For Malik Yusef

Too often in the entertainment game there are often unsung heroes who have work in the ears, eyes, hearts and minds of the masses but without the acknowledgement that should come along with the work that is put forth.

As a fan of Hip Hop, Spoken Word, R&B, Fashion and of all around dope people, one would think that everyone would know a lot about the native Chicago mogul Malik Yusef, but one would definitely be wrong. Malik has managed to remain a hidden gem in plain sight. Check out our interview below where we attempt to give a bit of an introduction to the man behind the mystery!

BBN: Malik you are definitely an enigma. There is so much about you the average fan simply doesn’t know. What would you say are the biggest misconceptions about both Malik Yusef the man and Malik Yusef the artist?

Malik: “The biggest misconception may be that I have been just handed or granted opportunities as an artist. People don’t know the hard work, time and energy it took to build these relationships. It’s also very expensive to maintain these relationships.

As a Man, the misconception is that I am not one of the go-to people in my circle. That I am not the provider to many and that I am not the unofficial President or Mayor of Chicago. I would also say that my success is based on my entertainment prowess. I have not been gifted with support. I have had to prove my self at every turn. I think it’s hard for other people to quantify success in a minimum support environment.”

BBN: You have your fingers in a lot of pies out here! What are some of the projects that you are currently working on that bring you the most joy?

Malik: “The project is creating sustainable opportunities through systems engineering. To me, product is not more important than production and process. I love working with my Bad Kids writing collective and I’m happy for people to hear the new music we’ve been getting done. I’m excited for this show I’ll be doing in Chicago on the 25th of this month. I have a new high quality clothing situation coming soon. There is a lot.”

BBN: Wow! That’s a great deal happening all at once indeed. You and I go back a long time! It has been so dope to get to watch you manifest your best life within your career. What do you attribute your success to?

Malik: “It’s definitely Ancestral magic. Following the mathematics and science of the ancients who had a direct connection to the universe, the cosmos, and the creator.”

BBN: Amen to that. I’m curious, what do you miss the most about no longer living life in the Chi full-time?

Malik: I’m still in Chicago a week out of every month, sometimes more, so I’m there too much to miss it at all.

BBN: Oh I see, well that’s great then! You’ve accomplished so very much already on so many levels. What do you still want to try that you have not already attempted?

Malik: I will be releasing my first poetry book on August 25th at my City Winery Show. I’ve always wanted to do a poetry book, and now Im finally reaching that goal.

BBN: That’s wonderful friend! Congratulations! You’ve just discussed the City Winery event, tell us about it! What inspired you to do it?

Malik: The August 25th City Winery Show in Chicago is “The Musification of poetry” and some hit records and some new music will be shared. I’m inspired by the joy of coming home and giving Chicago an element of me that they have never seen, stories they have never heard, and songs they have never danced to. It will be a wonderful show.

Well, we want to thank you for giving us a few moments of your time as you prepare for this major event. We can’t wait to hear all about it. Don’t be a stranger sir!

To get further updates on Malik and his upcoming events check him out on his Instagram @malikyusef100.

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