Izzy Dunfore and his new song “UGH” featuring Krizz Kaliko, Earhouse Records, and what’s next!

The new unreleased track “UGU” from Izzy Dunfore and Krizz Kaliko makes you start bobbing your head while making that “UGH” face! Their musical talent and decades in the game makes for a concrete delivery! They definitely lyrically assault the beat! “I felt like we were able to create something from an energy that we have both experienced!” Kaliko and his wife recently started a Record label Ear House Records. If this is an indication of what’s coming out of Ear House Records count me in! I had the pleasure of speaking with Izzy and he was definitely not what I expected! He is thoroughly creative and lyrically talented!

“I respect the move Krizz made, it was the right one for him. He’s starting his career over with his own label, after leaving the biggest independent label in the world!” This is definitely a bold move from a man of strong character. Izzy feels he has learned a lot from Krizz. “He makes me want to be a better artist and musician!” After doing shows together all across the United States it was only natural for them to work on this track together. So who is Izzy Dunfore? He recounted in our interview a memory of being two years old and harmonizing on a mini piano. Izzy took every opportunity he could as a kid to sing.

Izzy grew up in Iowa. “People in Iowa love country music and they are very traditional”! So at thirteen Izzy became the rap kid in his town. He talked about music being a staple through personal struggle like so many musicians. He felt like he was a good kid but didn’t have anyone looking out for him. He accounted how controversial rap was when it first came out because it was so successful! People tried to object to Izzy’s choice to rap because people felt he was already such a great singer. They didn’t like the image he was putting out. Izzy has been rapping and making music for 20 years. “I try to uplift people. My music is about overcoming the odds, not judging a book by its cover, facing it all with your head up!”

Izzy plans on taking his music to the London scene. “I’ve worked with a couple artists from the area. I think it would be a unique experience to take my act across the pond!” Izzy has a love for performing at festivals. He explained the feeling you get performing at a large, loud event. “There is nothing else like it! It’s amazing to catch that feeling, no matter where in the world you may be at the time!” In the future he wants to add more production to his stage show. Izzy has been working and building a deep catalog. As an underground hip hop artist Izzy hopes in the future to branch out to other areas of music.

Izzy expressed being “over” what’s going on in music. He feels people are just mimicking each other with the accents, the imagery, and street lingo. Izzy had both mainstream and underground musical influences from artists like Busta Rhymes to Tech N9ne and ICP. He expressed a deep respect for artist and producer Dr. Dre. “He is THE producer in LA.” He spoke about not only Dre’s work being sought after but it being a model for other artists. “I wish I had that studio experience and knowledge!” Izzy feels music needs to be held to that type of standard. That type of standard keeps projects coming.

At this point in his life Izzy has worked in music for 20 years and in three different markets. He’s toured all over the United States and doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. Izzy clearly enjoys the theatrics! “I love leaving it all out on stage for the audience to experience!” Recently he added visual elements to his performance giving the crowd even more of a mind flip. “I’ve done more shows with Krizz Kaliko than any other artist out there today. I still get inspired by him every show!” Izzy expressed how thankful he is to work with Krizz. He feels Krizz influences him and everyone around him musically, with confidence, positivity, and a strong regard for mental health. The world definitely needs more of that! We look forward to seeing what’s next for Izzy Dunfore, Krizz Kaliko and Ear House Records!

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Story by Angie Kirsch

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