Jake Palumbo “Soy Boy With A Gun”

Fresh off the critically-acclaimed “Solving Cases” collaboration LP with New Jersey rhyme veteran & Artifacts anchor El Da Sensei, Jake Palumbo returns with a vengeance, this time both behind the beats, & on the microphone.

“Soy Boy With A Gun” follows up the first official single – the double-A-side single “Country Boy, City Kid” b/w “Exit Stage Left” – from the upcoming Jake Palumbo “Plant-Based Libtard” and keeps things short, direct & to the point. The song is essentially one extended verse with not a second allotted to come above ground for air.
Palumbo begins the track with the ominous introduction “My Mom died when I was mastering the album…” & proceeds to go off for 32 bars, touching on a variety of topics – depression, aggression, White fragility in hip-hop, being persecuted by the IRS & the hypocrisy found on all sides of the global COVID-19 debate.
“Plant-Based Libtard” spans 14 Tracks (12 songs, 2 interludes), & features guest appearances from Juice Crew alumni Craig G, Nutso, Rim, King Magnetic, Lex The Hex Master & newcomer Jarvis Waterfall, plus cuts from Beatminerz / Black Moon co-founder DJ Evil Dee as well as Psyche Origami turntablist DJ Dainja.

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