Joey Brick Releases ‘Death of Mumble Rap’ (Solo Album)

Vetted Hip Hop artist Joey Brick announces the release of his new album titled ‘Death of Mumble Rap.’ The 16-track solo album is a refreshing dose of ear milk that Hip Hop enthusiasts are sure to play on repeat.

During a time when rap is evolving and changing Brick pays homage to classic lyricism and storytelling. Listeners will hear hard gritty tracks along with something soulful for the ladies, as well as some throwback vibes.

No matter the season Brick is headhunting and knocking rappers out the box. His in-your-face punchlines hit hard while his storytelling will have listeners head-nodding from start to finish. Is Hip Hop dead? It’s evident after blaring ‘Death of Mumble Rap’ (without skipping any tracks) that it’s very much alive.

Joey Brick delivers a timeless gem in ‘Death of Mumble Rap.’ Knocking bass and nostalgic boom-bap heighten his raw emotion and hair-raising bars. Stream the album below and connect with Joey Brick on Instagram @joeybrick416.

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