Kourvioisier the Abstract Cognac Is An Artist To Pay Attention To

Impetus, attentive and a natural augment to the Emcee Community, Kourvioisier the Abstract Cognac is out of the box not only in his mindset but his skill. Often referred to as an old soul. Rising from the underground his lyricism is an embodiment of intellect, wit and culture. The completion of his 5th project was the drill that broke the surface of his art matured.

While previous projects were already hailed by critics from Indy Week and NuFaces NC. It also sparked the attention of rap veterans such as Big Daddy Kane, Lord Finesse, Ras Kass, DJ Nasty Nes’ Rap Attack with a co-sign from one of NC’s most accomplished producers, 9th Wonder. 

Kourvioisier the Abstract Cognac is a natural stand out, a pusher of wisdom, knowledge and growth with the natural grime of the underground. His sounds are gearing up to ring through NC’s richly cultured streets and down streets around the country.

Link with the Artist! Abstract Cognac Kourvioisier

AbstractCognac – Listen on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music – Linktree

KOURVIOISIER 🥃 (@abstractcognac) on Instagram

KOURVIOISIER🥃 (@AbstractCognac) / Twitter

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