KUR – “Sunny” (Official Video)

Stream ‘Loyal To A Fault’ OUT NOW: https://KUR.lnk.to/LTAF ► FOLLOW KUR Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kur7947 Twitter: https://twitter.com/kurngb TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@79kur Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kur7947 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzEa... ► Lyrics: Happy as long as I’m moving forward Never back tracking Whole time I’m thinking they supportive They was back stabbing I know the niggas that hate on kur Ain’t in his tax bracket Bro said, Man this ain’t the time for you to act stagnant Never said no when it come to sis I always cash app it 80% of the pills fake They all bad batches Niggas come home Might take a break But end up back shackled I been done wrong Had my heart broke But I’m still loving My therapy these songs I just write until I feel nothing Told my bitch I stopped dumping But I’m still dumping Don’t know the reason me and bro fell out I still love him Y’all know the reason I be holding out I’m real humble I’m in the crib I’m barely going out It feel lovely Won’t make no money in the crib It’s new bills coming Ain’t always Sunny how it is I been in real puddles The undies sitting on my crib I been in real trouble I was 18 Going through a real struggle Tryna chase dreams But shit cost If them bitches ain’t with 79 They must be lost I seen niggas study my style My flow And my walk I keep dropping after this And they gone ask for some more Always stop and take pic Cause they don’t got to support I don’t made it out the pit I come straight outta the 4 I done got hot as some grits And I still pray to the lord Only taking Britt on trips Cause she was there through the bull She was there for the lows She was there when I fell She said get up You a pro I turn it up That’s fasho’ Tearing up as I roll Care too much for my bros Gearing up in that mode Fear of God on my clothes I put god over dough I put god over hoes I put god on my soul Damn, Some niggas need god in they life Most niggas will shoot Who gone fight? My step mom use to tell me that you Niggas wasn’t right Was looking at her funny Like I knew them bulls for life But she was right I never really knew ‘em My good name Y’all tried to ruin Dreams I’m pursuing Came from feins in a Buick Too many 15s in my system Going through it It’s too many niggas talking Like 79 ain’t prove it Came from the sewage Now the condo got the view I stay dropping out the blue I got Jordan 1’s on And they royal blue Ask drizzy when I don’t feel like it I’m still in the stu You niggas can’t fuck with me I’m from Vernon I’m a troop It do what it do It do what it do It do what it do It do what it do It do what it dooo It do what it do It do what it do It do what it do It do what it do It do what it do It do what it do It do what it do It do what it This shit be overwhelming When shit was all fucked up Tell me who was helping Cheryl helped Kept helping, So I love her dearly Niggas energy ain’t right So I don’t want ‘em near me I think I see it clearly I stopped at the wine and spirits I got scare I wear em Fear of God I wear it She resemble Halle Berry But I ain’t gone cherish Pink 10s We call em berries I come from Mt. Airy It ain’t shit going on But I’m in Amiri Everyday I put it on It’s Gallery, you serious? She think I’m mad Cause she jump dick to dick But I don’t care I smoke a vape Yes, it’s a flare I smell like Cariter Man l, Slow ya breaks Y’all dropping tapes That I don’t want to hear I got no hate inside my heart I’ll show you If I care Sat on crates I’m at the park And I was with my peers Swimming in water with the sharks Can’t say I wasn’t scared Niggas speaking about the start But they wasn’t there I be speaking from the heart About to shed a tear Uptown, I done left a mark I put it on for years And you know Vernon that’s my heart I said when my tape drop We outta here Vernon that’s my heart I say when my tape drop We outta here Say Vernon that’s my heart And I say when my tape drop We out
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