Law Changer Timothy Barr II AKA Rapper Don Gunna Is Fighting An Allegedly Courrupt Judicial System In PA For His Freedom

Timothy O Barr AKA rapper Don Gunna is no stranger to dealing with corruption in Pennsylvania. Barr is well known for taking a case all the way to the Supreme Court and changing the letter of the law! It is used in cases currently.

Timothy O Barr II is an AR ABS Artist signed to OBH Records. He is also the C.E.O. on Made Men Mafia. Mr. Barr is currently sitting in a prison that he feels is trying to silence him. Confined to his cell 23 hours a day. Mr. Barr alleges a multitude of his rights are being violated in the Pennsylvania court system.

This is just one of numerous complaints about the Pennsylvania court system. Pennsylvania was recently in the news for two former Pennsylvania judges sending children to for-profit jails in exchange for kickbacks. They will now have to pay nearly 300 people punitive damages! It is doubtful in an operation that large that other legal entities in Pennsylvania were not involved.

“Ciavarella ordered children as young as 8 to detention, many of them first-time offenders deemed delinquent for petty theft, jaywalking, truancy, smoking on school grounds and other minor infractions. The judge often ordered youths he had found delinquent to be immediately shackled, handcuffed and taken away without giving them a chance to put up a defense or even say goodbye to their families.” – The Associated Press”

Barr alleges Northampton County and Lehigh County have a personal vendetta with him. He was arrested in Lehigh County but Northampton County has control of his case. The arresting officer Noah Klingborg has also recently been let go.

Former Bethlehem detective charged with stalking, harassing department employee; he allegedly used city surveillance cameras – The Morning Call (

Barr alleges corruption in the Bethlehem Police Department, District Attorney, Judges, Attorney Eugene Tinari, CPS & CYS. Barr claims the following rights violations.

  1. Color of Law Violation
  2. Giglio Violation
  3. Brady Violation
  4. Prima Facie Showing that the search is illegal. Violation of Timothys 4th and 14th Constitutional Rights.
  5. Right to Due Process was violated.
  6. District Attorney Edward Penetar withheld Exculpatory Evidence.
  7. Ineffective Counsel from Eugene Tinari, strong suspicion of colluding with District Attorney

Barr alleges he has been passed between jurisdictions, sitting in a jail cell for a year and a half. Barr alleges nothing is being filed by his legal representation. Barr claims he appealed to the judge for help and was denied relief. After which Barr alleges the District Attorney filed to take away his ability to speak on his own behalf.

There was allegedly a false report filed against Mr. Barr. From accusers that are allegedly not credible, have a history of threats against Mr. Barr’s family and a history of filing false reports. There is allegedly evidence proving Mr. Barr is not guilty of the crime. Yet the district attorney allegedly refuses to admit the evidence. Not only is he allegedly refusing the evidence he is also attempting four separate trials for an alleged weapons case.

It would be interesting to see what an internal investigation or even a higher power might yield if they really dig into this case, Northampton County and Lehigh County.

You can email parties working to free Timothy O Barr at [email protected]

All statements made regarding Timothy O Barr II case are the POV of Timothy O Barr II.

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