Are You Really Mad At Andre 3000 Or Are You Sad For Yourselves [OP-ED]

OK kids this is really getting out of hand out here! Everyone has something they feel they need to say about the recent release by one Mr. Andre Benjamin and things are getting to the extremes on all sides. So, let us simply address the giant multi-colored elephant in the room. You are not mad at him. Some of you really seem to think you are. But you are not. Let me explain.

Andre is one of ours. He’s comfy to us. When you hear the beginning of an Outkast song, you automatically know that a good time is about to be had by you for the next 4 or 5 minutes. That awesome feeling of, “That’s My Jam!” sweeps over you the minute the beat drops and you are traveling to 3 Stack and Big Boi heaven in an instant. This feeling is mega special. It’s something we cherish and most of us are catching it further and fewer between lately, so when you capture it, it’s something to savor and appreciate. Right? You still with me? OK.

Beloveds, you are not mad at Andre for making a flute album. You are sad that he didn’t give you the Hip Hop that you crave. You’re upset for you, not mad at him because you don’t dig what he’s doing right now. And honestly, he probably didn’t make it for you anyway. You’re his fans so you’re going to check it out. But if he didn’t make it for you, then why do you feel a way? Why do you care that he made an album using a flute instead of his voice when it wasn’t for you in the first place? Were you listening to flute jams a week ago before you heard about this? Probably not right? So, then every snarky, mean, unnecessary comment and think piece is in vain. And here is why.

If 3 Stacks was making a project worthy of your critique and all this energy, it would have monster bars in it. I’m sorry but it just would. After all these years of remaining on the sidelines, he would come off the bench spitting for his very life in the ring. And you know this. That’s why you are hurt. You want that a lot apparently. But being harsh on him for a project he clearly didn’t make for you is the quickest way to ensure you never get that album. Why should he put himself under the scrutiny and ridicule of the current social media realm for people who show him zero respect when he takes the time to do something for himself? That makes doing a project for you pretty resistable right about now y’all.

Think about it. We are constantly hollerin’ “Self Care” from the top of our tonsils nowadays, but yet when someone does something to please themselves or to accomplish a personal goal, we switch our calls to, “Booooooooo that ain’t what we wanted you to do!” And no one sees an issue with this? Welp, you should because quite frankly, it’s pretty messed up.

Mr. Benjamin has every right to roll his eyes at everything being written and or said about this whole thing, including the very words I’m typing right now. He has already proven that he’s a master wordsmith and his pen is still mightier than most. Let’s be clear. But if he’s telling us he doesn’t feel he has anything to say right now, then we must take him at his word, because we all know good and damn well if he did, he would and it would be ostentatious, engrossing, and DOPE. So, these wack discussions of removing him from GOAT lists, etc need to stop. You guys look really lame with all of that. The man earned every scintilla of respect he has. We won’t be taking his jersey out of the rafters so knock all that nonsense off.

In closing guys, it’s time to let our man Andre off the hook here and give him some much-deserved grace. People have to be allowed to follow their passions. It isn’t his fault that he did such an amazing job of entertaining us that we want more. We are not mad at the flute, we are hurt at the notion of what we know could have been. And at the end of the day, that’s got to be alright on both sides. Disappointment is fine, anger however is ridiculous.

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