Maine The Medicine Presents ‘The Cloth’ Full-Length Album

Indie Hip Hop artist Maine The Medicine presents his new full-length album titled ‘The Cloth.’ The 15-track project is out now on all platforms and includes elite features from Gatsby, Leadgeon, Jay Byrd, MJ, Kailin Bouse, Lambo Lo, Pauly Bagz, Blackmagic, SanLee, Mercy, and Suspect. Maine shows up and shows off the different cloth he’s bred from. Stream the album below.

Track List

1. The Cloth intro feat Will Sully

2. Cocaine Raw feat Leadgeon 

3 No Breaks feat Jah Byrd 

4 The Cloth

5 MJ skit

6 Gone feat Kailin Bouse

7. Bully and The Medicine feat Leadgeon 

8. Keep Rocking It

9. Leadgeon skit

10. Breath feat Leadgeon 

11. Hip Hop, Wrestling, Kung Fu

12. New York to Paris

13. Way Back

14. Tru skit

15. Golden Remix feat Lambo Lo, Pauly Bagz, Blackmagic, SanLee, Mercy, and Suspect

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