MC Serch, Bobby J From Rockaway, Krohme – Round Here

Official music video for M.C. Serch’s first single release in over 27 years. Featuring cameos from K SOLO (“Spellbound”, “Your Moms In My Business. Member of EPMD’s Hit Squad), Thirstin Howl the 3rd (Founding Member of the fashion crew Lo Life’s and consultant to Ralph Lauren and Polo. Legendary emcee and graf writer), DJ Eclipse, Famed Photographer Jonathan Mannion, and Hush 313 (Who has an album with Bobby J called 7182313 out now). As wellas hot new artists Keen Steetz, and Lil Dee. The video and single are in honor of not only the hood that Serch and Bobby grew up in, but of Serch’s father who died last year. “My dad said that you can’t live at a community, that you live in a community and he gave his life to being of service to the Rockaway’s. So it felt only right to come home and shoot the video there”. Video was shot in Florida and Rockaway Beach, and was hosted by the Rockaway Hotel. Jack Nine Films and NYJ The Official shared Director duties, with Jack shooting the interior shots in Florida and NYJ The Official in Rockaway. Fun fact about this video: The car shot in the video, the Audi A8 makes its first appearance in a hip hop video, ever!!! This ultra rare Audi A8 W12 is the executive package and there are only 100 in the world. And yes that is a refrigerator in the back seat of the car that Serch is pulling water out of. Sometimes you just have to stunt on ’em. FAR ROCK TILL THE CASKET DROP!!! Special thanks to the brands that participated in the making of the video. Walker Wear, Far Rock Shop, JBL Audio, Supreme, Gucci, Nike, Baroque Audio, Rockaway Hotel, Pro Standard Clothing and Classic Material New York.
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