Murkemz Bars On I-95 Freestyle

Bars On I-95, Connecticut’s number 1 Rap platform for your favorite Hip Hop artists. Skills Over Politics, that means bring your pen game not your name. We took it we took a special trip to the west coast to visit and cover a new MC hailing out of Phoenix by way of AZ (Phoenix). Currently gearing up to drop a highly anticipated project we joined Murkemz in AZ for a sold out live audience show. We were honored to be joined by the legend Ice T, and the infamous Tone Da Supastar and DJ John Blaze on the 1’s and 2’s! Turned into a movie. Tap in now if you wasn’t there! #freestyle174 Murkemz IG @Murkemz Beats produced by: @pa_dre_beats Partial visual credits to: The Factory of Unified Noise Please leave your comments and please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE SKILLS OVER POLITICS BRING YOUR PEN GAME NOT YOUR NAME Follow us and subscribe Instagram : @BARSONI95 FB: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @Barsoni95
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