Mask Covered Faces is the full-length collaboration between rhyme-duo MCF (G-MILZ & Raw Leaf) and producer Hxly$mxkes.  As listeners of his recent work with Jamil Honesty and Sean Links will attest, Hxly$mxkes has a talent for pairing smoky soul samples with gritty and snapping drums.
G-MILZ & Raw Leaf (who have previous mixtapes under the name Money Comes First as well as solo releases) excel at cohesive and potent street narratives as well as social commentary to straight-up hard-body bars.   Though all have names in the Baltimore scene it took some time for them to actually work on music together.

As Hxly$mxkes relates “we all were kind of ‘put together’ through our mutual friend/brother K.I.D who has since passed (R.I.P). We were separately working with him on a lot of his projects, until he had the epiphany to put us together! He just knew our sounds meshed well together and we became admirers of each other’s work.”

Evidence of this chemistry at work is on tracks such as lead-off joint “Cathedral” which drops some grandiose imagery over a dirty backdrop.  Also “George The Animal” which is a harrowing crime story which feels like it was pulled from an episode of 48 hours.  Shockingly Hxly$mxkes came up with the song title as “I usually name tracks over things going on around me and I was actually watching some classic wrestling matches with George ‘The Animal’ Steele when I made that beat.” G-MILLZ continues the narrative saying “once I saw the title of the track and heard it, I texted leaf and $mxkes with the concept and they was like hell yeah!  Let’s give the people some movie shit!”

In addition to finding inspiration in wrestling culture, 80’s babies may recognize the cartoon/toys of M.A.S.K lined-up perfectly with the project title and the album artwork (provided by CDInkDyer).  A limited CD version of the project is available for order now via Razor Waves Records (link below) and more work from Hxly$mxkes will appear on MCF’s forthcoming album to drop later this year.

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U.S. Publicity Contact: Jerry Graham, [email protected]

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