News: Dumi Right Nominated For Best Hip Hop Artist & Song “Life Is What You Make It” Ft. Chuck D

Esteemed Hip Hop artist Dumi Right woke up the industry during Hip Hop’s 50the with his single “Life Is What You Make It” featuring Chubb Rock, YZ and Chuck D (Public Enemy). He is now being nominated for Best Hip Hop Song in the 36th Annual Washington Area Music Awards, as well as Best Hip Hop Artist.

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Stream “Life Is What You Make It” ft. Chubb Rock, YZ and Chuck D from Public Enemy


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More about “Life Is What You Make It”

Dumi Right presents an impactful homage with his latest single, “Life Is What You Make It,” featuring the legendary hip-hop artists Chubb Rock, YZ, and Chuck D from Public Enemy. This groundbreaking release is a gripping tribute to Hip Hop’s trailblazers and pioneers, as well as a heartfelt ode to artists the culture has lost over the years.

In the words of Chubb Rock, “Flowers have to be given to the OGs,” and this single is a bouquet of respect and admiration for those who paved the way. The hypnotic main mix produced by C-Doc blends intricate melodies over gritty beats and is infused with rich live sax courtesy of jazz virtuoso, Dre King.

Dumi Right is a trailblazing African Hip Hop Pioneer known for his thought-provoking lyrics and innovative sound. With a career spanning decades, he continues to push the boundaries of Hip Hop and inspire a new generation of artists.

SpitSLAM Records is a label guild and the brainchild of Chuck D, the iconic frontman of the group Public Enemy. This legendary label is dedicated to nurturing and promoting groundbreaking talents in the world of Hip Hop.

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