Ortist Music – L’ilete Summer

Ortist Music just released his instrumental album “L’ilete Summer”. The project includes 9 tracks, and as he says himself: “was made to bring back a little bit of a summer vibe, while the temperature and daylight are decreasing in the North hemisphere”. For those who are not so familiar with Ortist Music, he is a French music producer who has lived in London for the last 7 years, and is now ready to move to New Zealand. We heard about him for the first time when he released his first EP, “All Good”, in 2019, featuring some heavyweight underground rappers (Eto, Milano Constantine, Ransom, Ren Thomas, Pacewon, Ren Thomas, Tha Soloist, Chino XL and Celph Titled). Earlier this year, he released the single “Better Than You”, featuring the two very talented rappers A-F-R-O and Chris Rivers, and he just announced that he will release by the end of the year another single “Vainglorious Bastards” featuring Celph Titled, Majik Most and Louis Logic, who appear together on the same track for the first time since 2003! Ortist Music is definitely someone to keep an eye on, so make sure to check his website ortistmusic.com (where you can stream and purchase his music) and to follow him on social media!

: @ortistmusic

Facebook: Ortistmusic

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