Pop Da Brown Hornet, Staten Island Stapleton, Drops Back-To-Back Videos

Famed Staten Island Stapleton Pop Da Brown Hornet releases back-to-back videos showing off his mastered diversity when it comes to music.

For over the past 27 years, Hornet has reigned both in Staten Island and in Hip Hop. His extensive catalog of music, along with his name, is spoken highly of by Hip Hop legends and pioneers such as Wu-Tang members, Sway, DJ Premier, multiplatinum/billboard producers, and execs at MCA Records and Sony/Orchard just to name a few. His most recent back-to-back releases display his ability to deliver gritty NY tracks, songs for the ladies, and laid-back chill vibes. Watch the videos and connect with Pop Da Brown Hornet below.

DayDreaming Ft. The Force M.D.’s

Touchie Feelie

Foreman Mandela

Connect with Pop Da Brown Hornet
Instagram: @popdabrownhornet_10304
Twitter: @popbrownhornet
Facebook: Pop Brown Hornet
YouTube: Bombafire Enterprises

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