Producers Spotlight- Bo Faat

At this point, if you don’t know of, or haven’t heard a Bo Faat beat you’re living under a rock. Germanys Bo Faat has been putting in a ton of work over the last few years and has a multitude of projects. whether its with frequent collaborator Thrust OG, or Kinetic 9, or doing a dope Jeru or Biggie remix, you can count on Bo Faat to bring the heat

What’s your name and where are you from?
I am BoFaat, I´m from Hannover, Germany

Is production your hobby or day job?
Partly job – fully passion

What is your weapon of choice? (daw/ beat making set up)
daw is Samplitude Pro X6 suite, also using MPC studio black, akai mpk 3 mini planning to get a mpc one soon

What was it that made you say you wanted to be a producer?
When I became too old for rappin lol, seriously when family life started I didnt have the time
for going on tours or being away from home all the time..but I started producin already when I still was rappin
around 2002… then eventually it was producing only..also in my rappin days I always dug for samples…

Who is your biggest influence as a producer?
DJ Premier, Havoc, RZA, J Dilla, Apollo Brown…

what does your family think about your producing?
My Wife and Son totally love what Im doing and fully support me…lucky me lol

What is the one peice of gear past or present that you wish you had?
sp1200. there’s a new version out now but well its expensive and the old and original sp12 goes up to 5 figures

If you could sit in a room with 1 producer dead or alive and pick thier brain for an hour, who would it be?

what do you think about the current state of boom bap producing, and where do you see it going?
There’s so much talent out there, dope beats everywhere a lot gets lost in the depths of the internet, its really hard to get people to listen…so the most important is marketing and promo for which you need to invest if you can. other than that its all about connections and determination… talent, well that is important too but not the most important unfortunately
I hope it all goes back to a golden era type of state but I doubt it…music is short lived nowadays…attention span of consumers too…3 verses by one MC on a track is already a no-go…

If you can make a beat for any artist dead or alive who would it be?
so many.. but would love to work with Ghostface Killah and Prodigy (RIP)

Are there any current producers you have your eye on right now?
I hardly have time to check out everything but I fucks with Tone Spliff, Hanzo Blades and DJ Brisk Fingaz

As a producer who also makes music, how do you decide what beats to give to someone else and what to keep for yourself?
I really dont have a rule for myself… I always start a new beat with a sample and depending on how the sample sounds, what kinda mood it creates I look
to who it could fit, I work with a lot of artists or I put it out there for sale… but I kinda stopped trying to sell beats and rather try to sell full projects.

what do you think of the “type beat” phenomenon, or the 30 beats for $10 business model? do you think it hurts or help the beat making business?
This type beat thing is a click bait..there are prolly many that will click on it but when I read this it makes me not wanting to hear it..
If I want to hear a type beat I listen to the original…

What do you think about Leasing Beats?
No experience with this!

What do you think about the effect of social media on music/beat selling?
Next to nothing… nobody wanna spend money… I made a little experiment a few times, selling my beats for very low and my inbox was going crazy..
post a beat for a regular price nobody will be interested… but its all good we all hustle somehow our way through this.. but yeah I wanna focus more
on full projects songs/albums

where can you be reached/where can people hear/ buy your beats?
on YouTube and Instagram I can be found as BoFaatBeatz and Facebook just BoFaat…

You can buy Bo Faats music/ beats on his Bandcamp page or Spotify

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