Status The Marlboro Man “All The Way Live”

Emcee/Producer Status The Marlboro Man is back at it with a new hardcore Hip Hop track titled “All the Way Live (Again)”. The song is written and produced by Status and will release early October 2023. This fast paced “in-your-face” boom-bap banger features underground rhymes and beats the way they’re supposed to be: raw and uncut. The Premier(esque) beat changes multiple times, delving deeper into the underground with every switch and verse. 
The title ALL THE WAY LIVE is in reference to the one take vocal track and cypher like feel. This should make rappers want to rap and DJs want to scratch. Think 40s and blunts in an alley wearing a hoodie; and Akai MPCs with black notebooks. Fans of the golden age of Hip Hop will appreciate the less-is-more approach.
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