Symba On Rappers Who Think They’re “Too Skilled” To Use Tik Tok & Overcoming Bay Area Rap Reputation

Symba’s consistency in his hustle is something to not be overlooked as the work he’s put in over the years, to get him to this point in his career now, has come with a great amount of knowledge and maneuvering for the best. Speaking with Power Mornings host Letty, the Bay Area rapper details the new wave of hip-hop stars who are utilizing their access to their fans to broaden their following, not only getting recognition on social media but also developing a fanbase as a complete package. The West Coast native touches on the subject of the reputation northern Cali rappers have had for the past 20 years which puts them in a box that doesn’t allow many artists to prosper outside of their hometown. While it may seem like Symba’s recognition was finally on go with his viral L.A. Leakers freestyle, it’s really the outside-of-the-box execution that artists like himself and LaRussell have honed in on. Symba goes on to discuss his love for both the Lakers and Warriors, hopes of stepping outside of music to create a sports agency, and much more. #Symba #BayArea #RoddyRicch Subscribe Now – Power 106 Website – Listen Live –
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