The Roots Bring Much More Than ‘Tata Salad’ To The Picnic

The Roots brought Hip Hop to the city of Brotherly Love and added some sistahs to the mix on Saturday and Sunday, June 3rd and 4th. Crowds surpassing the 80,000 mark at times were treated to a musical smorgasbord and they ate every last bit of it with pure pleasure.

Highlights of the event included a freestyle for the ages from The Roots Crew alum Black Thought, an energy-laced bar drop from spit star Busta Rhymes, a rare appearance from Illadelphia’s own E-V-E, The reunions of both mega groups State Property and The Fugees, a complete taking over of the stage by Fat Joe and DJ Drama, crooning sessions from the Isley Bros and Usher, a blessing of the stage and the masses from Mary Mary and a Talib Kweli podcast bonanza rounded out the day.

If this is what they served up for 2023 we can’t wait to grab our knife and fork and kick it back to Philly for 2024!

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