Triple Threat B4Lasers Releases 11-Track Instrumental LP ‘Amorè, Eterno’

B4Lasers is a celebrated artist, producer, and engineer who drives boom-bap to the forefront of Hip Hop. The Wisconsin-born, Chicago native introduces his latest project titled ‘Amorè, Eterno.’ The 11-track instrumental album brims with intoxicating backdrops fused with bouncy waves of jazz, soul, and slight electronic influences. B4Lasers unmatched ability to loop instruments, textures and polished sounds compels audiences and listeners to genuinely feel the music and embrace each record’s tale. on Bandcamp

“Ancora e Ancora” commences the album with a smooth, soulful backdrop heightened by classic boom-bap bass and drums. “Cazzo Lunedi” is more upbeat and hits with heart-racing basslines and drum riffs. The horns add a sense of stimulation that narrates the record. “Diavolo Vedi Tutto” steers with compelling melodies and piano keys stroked rather profoundly.

“Morte Ai Ratti” offers striking melodies woven with distinct basslines for a soulful deliverance. “Nemici Piu Vicini” is the prominent head-nodder of the album. Heavy bass looped with smooth textures creates a thunderous flow. “Solitarie” begins with a sermon-style intro with breezy keys and basslines that unfold an introspective storyline.

“Un Desiderio” is a head-on instrumental collision, a captivating one at that. Blends of jazz and soul as well as knocking bass display B4Lasers talent to paint a canvas with music that audiences can see, hear, and feel. “Momeno Di Pace” emanates feel-good, mellow vibes. The record is ideal for an intimate rooftop gathering, a nightly stroll on the ocean side, or just kicking back and being in the moment. on Bandcamp

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