Welcome to the Unsigned Emcee Challenge, where raw talent meets the spotlight! Are you an aspiring emcee looking to showcase your lyrical prowess? This is your chance to shine! Here are the rules and guidelines for participation:

Registration Period:

Registration opens on February 12, 2024.
Registration closes on February 21, 2024.
Submission Guidelines:

Each participating artist can submit up to 3 songs.
Submissions must be in the form of YouTube or Instagram videos.
Songs should be original compositions.
The content of the songs must adhere to community guidelines and be suitable for all audiences.

Voting Period:

Voting will commence on February 23, 2024.
The voting process will be open to the public.
Voters must listen to all submitted songs before casting their votes.
Votes will be based on creativity, lyrical skill, flow, and overall performance.

Contest Period:

The contest will run from February 23, 2024, to March 4, 2024.
During this period, artists are encouraged to promote their submissions to garner votes and support from their fans and followers.

Winner Announcement:

The winner will be announced on March 8, 2024.
The decision will be based on the total number of votes received by each artist.
The artist with the highest number of votes will be declared the winner.


  • 100 Manufactured CDs Sponsored by Atomic CDs:
  • Professionally crafted CDs to showcase your hottest tracks. Impress your fans with tangible, high-quality music.
  • ¬†Digital Distribution & Press Release Sponsored by¬†Diamond Media 360:
  • Diamond Media 360 to provide digital distribution for at least one of your three submitted tracks. Music will be syndicated to all major DSPs to coincide with the promotional campaign (see below).
  • Shine in the spotlight with a professionally written press release. Diamond Media 360 will help spread the word about your unique style and upcoming projects.
  • 1 Week Social Media Promotion Sponsored by Media Famous:
  • Boost your online presence with a one-week promotional campaign! Media Famous will share your music, updates, and connect you with a broader audience.
  • 1 Color Ink Tees Sponsored by Boom Bap Nation:
    • Rock your brand with style! Receive tees featuring one-color ink, courtesy of Boom Bap Nation.

The winner will receive recognition as the Unsigned Emcee Challenge Champion.
Additional prizes may be announced closer to the contest end date, subject to sponsorship or other arrangements.

Additional Notes:

Participants are encouraged to engage with their audience and promote their submissions through social media platforms.
Any form of cheating, including vote manipulation, will result in immediate disqualification.
The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any submission that violates the rules or does not meet the contest criteria.

Are you ready to take your shot at glory? Register now and let your talent speak for itself!