Westside Gunn – One Thing

Hi-DEF Presents: Westside Gunn – Beach Street Blues (New Remix Mixtape) Ft. Benny x Conway Rap movements come along often but how many leave an imprint on the game that will last forever? That’s exactly what Griselda Records is doing, and by extension the Black Soprano Family and Drumwork Music Group. Producer Hi DEF pays homage to the legendary Buffalo, New York trio of Westside Gunn, Benny the Butcher and Conway the Machine with his forthcoming mixtape titled “Beach Street Blues,” a unique blend of soulful production paired with the vocals of the upstate trendsetters. The free project will be released exclusively on https://www.vanndigital.com/. *FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY* Tracklist: 01. Night of the Champions Intro (“2 Stings” Hi-DEF remix) 02. Lines of Goethe ft Benny the Butcher (“Broken Bottles” Hi-DEF remix) 03. Beach Street Blues (“94 Ghost Shit” Hi-DEF remix) 04. Double Trouble (“Dudley Boyz” Hi-DEF remix) 05. Mr. White (“Gorilla Monsoon” and “Michael Irvin” Hi-DEF remix) 06. Bad News (“Bad News” Hi-DEF remix) 07. Not A Game ft Conway (“Bang” Hi-DEF remix) 08. Insight ft Benny the Butcher (“Thowy’s Revenge” and “Shootouts in Soho” Hi-DEF remix) 09. Life ft Conway (“Dr Birds” Hi-DEF remix) 10, NWO ft Conway (“Ray Mysterio” Hi-DEF remix) 11. November 30th ft Conway and Benny the Butcher (“Hood Blues”, “Easter Gunday” and “Babies & Fools” Hi-DEF remix) 12. One Thing (“Vera Boys” Hi-DEF remix) 13. Living Legend ft Benny the Butcher (“Rubber Bands & Weight” Hi-DEF remix) 14. Reli 2 ft Boldy James (“Easter Gunday” , “EPMD” and “Gorilla Monsoon” Hi-DEF remix) 15. Go Hard (“Red Death” Hi-DEF remix) Follow Westside Gunn @WestsideGunn Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/westsidegunn/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WESTSIDEGUNN Follow Benny the Butcher @getbenny Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getbenny/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BennyBsf Follow Conway The Machine @WhoIsConway Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whoisconway/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WHOISCONWAY Follow Hi DEF @hd320212022 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hd320212022/ #WestsideGunn #GriseldaRecords #BennyTheButcher
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