Bible Paper also known as ‘Sritta paper‘, is a thin grade paper used for printing books that have many pages, such as bibles and dictionaries.  
In the prison system, when resources are limited, inmates use the bible paper in emergency situations of joint rolling. In a  replacement of the classic Zig-Zag rolling papers, they use blank pages from the beginning or the end of the Bible.
Raf Almighty is governing interpersonal public behavior; you break the code of the street and he might roll you up and smoke you like Bible Paper…. What up!?!
Filmed & Directed by Ruste Juxx
Cameo by Gstats
An Independent Release by Elite Sound International 12.24.21
THE BIG ALMIGHTY TRILOGY is brought to you by and dedicated to our FOREVER QUEENS Kisha Furnanders and Viengxay Khotmanivong.
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