J.Cole Addresses Cheating Rumors On New Song ‘Hunger On Hillside’

J.Cole’s new album Off-Season broke the internet this weekend bringing back everything we love about hip hop.
From his spat with Diddy to his relationship with the music industry, the North Carolina MC left it all on the table. Known for his straight-forward and thought provoking bars, fans were surprised when he seemingly addressed cheating rumors on his new song ‘Hunger On Hillside’ featuring Bas.

Produced by Toronto hitman Boi-1da, Cole starts the song off as usual with a message. ‘God has a plan for you…And all you’ve got to do is believe, believe, believe!’Skating over the melodic beat while rapping about not giving up and remaining true to himself throughout his journey, Cole did what had to be done.

Shit gon’ get hard, keep your head strong
If I quit now, then I’m dead wrong
Fightin’ off this hunger for hours
Big stepper, n****, don’t get stepped on
The money might fade, but respect don’t
Still gon’ be me when success gone

Not one to leave a stone unturned Cole even shares his vulnerable moments as one of the top-rated MC’s.

Waitin’ my turn like grains of sand inside a hourglass
Mainly concerned back in the day with how long I would last

J. Cole married his longtime girlfriend Melissa Heholt in 2015 after they both attended St. John’s University. The couple kept their personal life very private only recently revealing they had a second child. Infidelity rumors circled the rapper a couple years ago but he seems to mention it in the closing verse.

I’m feeling myself, I’m building my wealth up ’til it’s towerin’
I put my tongue all in my b**ch, she get to hollerin’
I ain’t doin’ no dirt no more, I stopped creepin’ six years ago
Fun f**kin’ them hoes until you realize that you is the hoe

Perfectly placed as if the credits were rolling at the end of the movie, the song samples Little Junior Parker’s ‘I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone’. The married rapper/producer once touched the topic of ‘cheating’ on his 5th album KOD. It featured the song ‘Kevin’s Heart’ and cleverly relates his use of Xanax and blunts to the temptation of cheating on his girl.

Slip me a xanny at once
I got the earth in a blunt
I get the skirt when I want

Overall the song  ‘Hunger On Hillside’ is definitely a highlight during Off-Season. From the production to Cole’s vulnerability the track proves J.Cole is in a race with himself. Always giving us what we didn’t even know we needed, Cole is back with another one.

Can’t be afraid of sunlight
Spotlights when it glows
All the pain you hold
Makes you worth your weight in gold
Can’t be afraid of sunlight
Spotlights when it glows
All the pain you hold
Makes you worth your weight in gold
God has a plan for you
And all you’ve got to do is believe, believe, be—

Listen to the track below.

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