Meet Relly “The Emcee”

It’s not everyday that a rapper can get a co sign and feature from a living legend. That’s exactly what Relly “The Emcee” did with his new song  “THE BOUNTY” which features New York City Rap God, Jadakiss. With so many Hip Hoppers aiming for the crown, what does it take to stand out from the pack? Relly tells us about his story, and the tireless grind to become a household name in Rap.

Boom Bap Nation: How did you get started in rap, and what were some of your first musical influences?  I started writing rhymes at the age of 12 or 13, Then got into battling other rappers at 14. My first musical inspiration was Big L, he is the reason I became a rapper and an elite punchline craftsman. Soon after Biggie and Nas became my all time favorites.

Boom Bap Nation: Tell us about the neighborhood you grew up in, and a little about your city? Richmond VA is lit! But dangerous as any inner city area you could think of. It’s truly survival of the fittest where I’m from, and the odds and circumstances of people who look like me have to fight twice as hard to rise above it. Our music scene is very strong but we need that one artist to kick in the door for us. That’s where I come in 

Boom Bap Nation : How were you able to hook up with a legend like Jadakiss, and what did you learn from the experience? It really wasn’t hard to link with Kiss, he’s a down to earth type guy that’s always down to work. I reached out to his best friend to plug me, and we closed the deal within an hour. I also got to link with Styles P, so that made the experience much doper. Something that I learned is that you still have to get label clearance to release and make profits off of your song, when featuring a signed artist.   

Boom Bap Nation: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it? Nas, Biggie, Nipsey, and the 808 & heartbreaks version of Kanye West all wrapped up in one Emcee

Boom Bap Nation: If you could work with any producer, who would you pick and why? Come on now lol, it’s waayyy too many to name. But ill give you two. Premo of course because he’s the G.O.A.T, and i’ll go with Just Blaze for my second choice. He’s so underrated 

Boom Bap Nation: Where can people find your music, and what are some new projects you have coming around the corner? I’m on all platforms wherever you stream music, just search Relly The Emcee. I have a full length 16 song album called Rellevance dropping before the year is out. Until then I will be releasing exclusive freestyles, and big time features. I got a song with Che Noir, who’s doing big things on the hip hop scene eclipsing  1million streams on her latest album. Also I got a song with Chicogo’s finest Chris Crack, and who knows we might have more D-Block collabs in the works.. Stay tuned

Boom Bap Nation: Tell us one thing you’ve learned about the music business from the start of your career up to this point? I learned that it’s a tough business. You have to have thick skin and understand the politics that come with it all. Only the strong and knowledgeable will survive. Stay up on game, keep the passion and lose the emotion.

Boom Bap Nation: Where can people find you on Social Media? 

FB- Relly the emcee, I.G-relly_the_emcee TWITTER- relly_the_emcee

Boom Bap Nation: Any last shout outs? S/O to my whole Record Label World Famuzz Music Group! Phenix and T-Streetz Waddup! S/o to my Y.R.O camp Chi Chi “The Eternal” and Heirboune Spacesuit. S/O to my dawg Ed Da Realist go check our collab album on all platforms called “Wanted”. S/O my entire family and every Artist from Richmond Va thats help pushing the culture. one luv

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