“Moment They Been Waiting For” by Mikey D

Mikey D is an original battle rapper from Queens NY. Also known as Playboy Mikey D, he was once partners with a teenage LL Cool J. Mikey is also the 1988 New Music Seminar Champion. You might remember him from the group Main Source. Mikey D aka Playboy Mikey D aka Mikey D’Struction has been a threat on the mic for decades. From his early days with legendary producer Paul C Mckasty til now. This video is the “Moment They Been Waiting For” from the new EP “Talkin That Shhhh”. Available on all digital platforms.

Instagram: @thereal_mikeyd

Twitter: @thereal_mikeyd

Facebook: Michael Deering

TikTok: @thereal_mikeyd

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