OFFICIAL VIDEO-Back In Rhythm-By DaveO The Descendant ft. Mike Steel & Angelle

BACK IN RHYTHM_ Produced by Ian Knox Directed by Johny Rocketz MUSIC LINKS: ▶️Spotify link –… ▶️Apple Link –… ▶️Other platforms –… FOLLOW ON IG: @daveo_the_thedescendant @mikesteelmusic @mrknoxonthebeat @Johny Rocketz LYRICS BELOW: BRIDGE-SINGING MY SONG AND FEELIN LIKE I’M MYSELF AGAIN “x2 Verse 1: Full steam ahead to the game as I charge/ to make my way give me space cause i launch/ and taking off like a vacation I’m gone/ & dedicated moving forth (fourth) no chasing bronze/ but I put me 1st the second I entered i run it/ crawled before I walked the part and stepped in a messed of mud and dirt worse the journey cursed but the blessing kept coming/ a Libra finding balance out the hole just fell in (felon) to judges/ haters love to see you fail giving none the satisfaction/ make em learn to swallow pride since their mouth open wide/ never proud when I get angry uppercut em they keep jabbing/ but I’m the type to deliver punches with a hook controlling mind/ that’s writing my song could be writing some wrongs, but I’m righting my song when I’m righting some wrongs/ if I put up the mic I’m torn that’s why stood up as I perform like I should have been like reborn to something good and feel life is norm/ y’all can look up the lightning storm as I shook up the frightening warned all of you non believers finally seen the truth like word is born read me/ I made a new chapter pen to the paper swinging the mighty sword/ flipping the scripture rhythm I hit the beat you feeling me strike a chord/ with the realist in life with cinema like through pitiful strife and poor/ paid the criminal price and spending the nights with critical times to mourn/ now the vision’s enlightened I’m feeling the vibe my lyrical mind has given me fight invincible like symphony high I’m risen to heights to soar HOOK: I get lost when I get off beat I can’t feel myself but when I find my way and I get on beat I feel like I’m myself again (x2) BRIDGE: Singing my song and feelin like I’m myself again “(x2) Verse 2: I was in the darkness/Lookin for that spark kid That’s like wool rubbin on a carpet/don’t start lit/mad as shit/Heartless/rhythmless/ partless/piece of a puzzle with no puzzle/still regardless/chewed through the muzzle guzzled everything I’m artless/give me anything to numb the pain my soul is starving/marvin asked for mercy/so who am I to pardon/two-four on the jersey/eight when I’m feeling swervy/two when I’m feelin Worthy/legacy too early/like Big Game James first step real dirty/wig got stretched now I’m delirious like Murphy/raw to the core/living off his grace and mercy/pain I endured made the water dark and murky/cane I secured made the ones who hate me thirsty/I’m otherworld and earthly/when back in rhythm sturdy/Let it hit em like the R/Rakim Allah Da ha Da ha My Algorithm is my God/knowledge I possess my wad/acknowledge I’m a lightning rod my name not Todd but ladies love me/Babies hug me/ The eighties called me said they want they swag back/sorry u can’t have that It’s how I find my way back/since way back when G was on the track bangin lunch tables/sleep in peace my friend till we meet again I’ll run the table/Cain and Abel very able/blood screams for resurrection/longing for a real connection walking in the right direction HOOK: I get lost when I get off beat I can’t feel myself but when I find my way and I get on beat I feel like I’m myself again (x2) BRIDGE: Singing my song and feelin like I’m myself again “(x2) #backinrhythm#realhiphop#musicvideo#bringingbackbars#rapmusicvideo#newyorkcity#denver#independentmusic#swag#letsgo#independentartist#power#resilience#indiehiphop#weekendvibes#adidas#ewingathletics#hiphopculture#nike#visualart#work#papi#honduras#asianrapper#twitter#facebook#cityscene#twitter#youtube#rhythm#winning#like#subscribe#motivation#desire#message#elbarrio#modern#drip#dreambig#babyblue#specialdelivery#grind#r&b#respect#life#levelup#soulmusic#rebirth#forthelove#eastharlem#justgettingstarted#breakdance#art#socialmedia

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