Rockwelz Releases His 3rd Solo Album ‘Blue Chips’ produced by Gutta Brown

Mxnxpxly Family’s own Rockwelz releases 3rd solo album “Blue Chips” produced by Gutta Brown with cuts by DJ Swab and featuring John Jigg$, M.O.U.F, Bub Rock, Nam Nitty, Skyzoo, and J Surprize.

The 11-track project was inspired by 90’s classic NCAA basketball flick Blue Chips starring Nick Nolte playing Coach Bell; Penny and Shaq. Picture doing everything you can for your team to win and still coming up short. Similar to Coach Bell who considers pay-to-play or payola as we know in the rap game. He pays to get the pieces he needs to win a championship. All to in the end realize that’s not the way he wants to win.

This parallels Rockwelz’s dilemma with the current state of hip-hop’s pay-to-play industry. Rockwelz showcases a high level of lyricism and poise on the Gutta Brown produced album which seems to show and prove it is possible to win on his own terms. No gimmicks, just jazzy lyrics from start to finish.

Stream/download ‘Blue Chips’ on Bandcamp and connect with Rockwelz @forbesliving on Social Media platforms.

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