Scientist Claim That People Who Listen To Wutang Clan Are Smarter

Scientist Claim That People Who Listen To Wutang Clan Are Smarter 

Here is something that is sure to get the hairs up on some people’s backs. A scientist did some research with students which studied the difference between Wutang Clan and Trap Artist and the SAT scores of the people who listened to them. He found that the smartest students listened to Wutang Clan (average SAT of 1375) and the students who rung in at the bottom of the SAT scores listened to Trap Music (average SAT of 700)

The average SAT score is around the 1000-1100 mark, and unsurprisingly most Hip-Hop listeners fit into this range.

Of course, the (unanswered) question is: What is the relationship?

Do you choose music based on your intelligence? Surely your personality has something to do with musical tastes, doesn’t it? Can listening to certain types of music make you dumb or smart? Do people gravitate towards a certain type of music because they are smart and think that it will make them seem smarter? Ill leave that for you to decide.

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